Water mattresses

The water mattress is the core of a waterbed and provides the incomparable comfort.
Water provides a natural way for optimal and even weight distribution without pressure points. This creates the feeling of 'floating sleep' which is highly appreciated by so many water sleepers.
The supporting element of a water mattress is the water. Water never wears out and the physical properties remain the same.

We manufacture our 4D-Comfort water mattresses from 4D Vinyl, which is produced exclusively for us. This material is stronger, more elastic and flexible than most waterbed foils.
4D-Vinyl is thus more comfortable and will last longer in time (the 4th dimension). 4D Vinyl contains no harmful substances.

4D-Vinyl logo

We sell these mattresses under our brand names STRETCH-TOP System® and SLEEP LINE.
You will also find our water mattresses under other brandnames from specific suppliers.
Depending on the brand, the colour of the mattress may be different. The quality, construction, production and all other features remain the same.

If you already sleep on a waterbed of a different brand and need a replacement: we also produce replacement water mattresses for other brands.

Mattress types
Smooth water mattress


A very comfortable mattress with a smooth surface

Water mattress with stretch pattern

With stretch pattern

The stretch pattern provides additional comfort and a better adaptability. In the ideal waterbed the whole lying experience and lifting capacity would be determined only by water. However, this requires a relatively large surface (compare it to floating in a swimming pool). Of course, in a bedroom this is not achievable. This stretch pattern makes the mattress surface virtually larger than the physical dimensions of the bed. In a UNO mattress this also limits the propagation of the partners' movements.

Water mattress with 5 zones


Stretch surface at the height of the upper body and the legs with extra support for the pelvis.

Mattress models
Uno water mattress


One continuous mattress. This gives extra comfort due to the large water surface.

Dual water mattress


Each partner has a separate water mattress. Each part can have his own stabilisation level and the temperature can be controlled individually. The two parts of a DUAL water mattress are separated by a non-tactile insulation divider.
A bed width of 180 cm or more is recommended.

Twin water mattress


For partners with a major difference in physique we can provide a TWIN system, wherein the one mattress is wider than the other.



Water is liquid therefore it can move. Waterbed enthusiasts like this pleasant effect, but some sleepers prefer a 'firmer' feeling.
The stabilisation restricts the movement of the water. For stabilisation we use pre-treated polyester fibre mats, foam, or a combination of both.
The number and the material of the different layers determine the level of stabilisation.
Through our different stabilisation levels we can provide a personal adapted lying comfort, from a little 'wavy' until very firm.

As an option, we also offer an extra pelvic support. This is especially useful for individuals who are heavier around the pelvic area.
Furthermore, it doesn't disturb the feeling of 'floating sleep'. Even with this extra support you can experience the wonderful feeling that only a Stretch-Top System® waterbed can give you.

Sizes and customisation

A waterbed is generally chosen to be slightly larger than a traditional 'dry' bed for the following reasons:

  • The larger the water surface, the greater the comfort
  • The sides of a modern waterbed consist of a 'tub' of soft foam rails (hence the name "soft-side") in which the water mattress lies. As a result we lose a few centimetres of sleeping area at the edges.

The indicated lengths and widths are always 'order sizes'. The actual dimensions deviate from these. Click here for more info.

Our standard dimensions for 4D-Comfort water mattresses are as follows:

  • width: from 100 to 220 cm in steps of 20 cm
  • length: 190, 200, 210 or 220 cm
  • All intermediate sizes (eg. for flush installation or replacement) are possible without surcharge.

Others / info:

  • Upon request larger sizes up to 280 cm wide and 240 cm long are possible.
  • UNO mattresses (one single unit), are possible up to 200 cm wide. Wider beds automatically get a DUAL mattress.
Installation kit - Maintenance products

With a new waterbed we deliver an 'installation kit' which contains everything needed for the installation and maintenance:

  • heating element + thermostat (2x for Dual-mattresses)
  • pre-formed security liner
  • insulation divider with a DUAL-mattress
  • insulation pad
  • 2x 125 ml conditioner
  • vinyl cleaner 250 ml
  • repair kit
  • filler nipple
  • air extractor pump
  • manual

For special offers the composition can be different.

A replacement mattress is delivered with a repair kit and 2x 125 ml conditioner.

How to maintain your waterbed? Read more here.