The socle base is the supporting element of the waterbed. It spreads the weight of the waterbed over nearly the entire surface on which it rests. In general, a socle base is composed of multiple supports (cross-boards), around which plinth boards are placed.

The socle base can optionally be used as a useful storage space with drawers and/or a safe.


The length and width of the socle will be adjusted to the size of the bed. We use a standard indentation of 15 cm for the standard socle.
The height can be choosen from 10 cm to 60 cm in 1 cm steps (= lying height of 33 to 83 cm). Our standard socle height is 27 cm resulting in a total lying height of circa 50 cm.
Certain headboards or storage systems may restrict the socle height. A mirror socle is limited to 32 cm height.

For a bed combined with a head- or footboard we offer custom socles which extended to the head or the foot of the bed.

Standard type socle

Standard socle (4 sides)

Socle type 3

Socle type 3 (3 sides)

Socle type 2

Socle type 2 (2 sides)

Socle types

Standard socle with 9 supports

  • Height 10 to 60 cm
  • In melamine, mirror or upholstered with collection fabric or imitation leather.

4-drawers socle

  • 4 drawers 2 by 2 over the full length of the bed
  • With low head- and footboard
  • Height 27 cm fix
  • Upholstered with collection fabric or imitation leather

Socle with drawer(s) and/or safe

  • Extra storage space under the bed
  • Security through hidden safe
  • Height 22, 27 or 32 cm (27 or 32 cm with safe)
  • Executed in melamine

The melamine socles have every corner covered with a plastic profile that mathes the color as close as possible, or you can select a color of choice.

The upholstered and mirror socles are finished with mitre-cut.

Choose your colours here.

The socle can also be upholstered with a fabric which you provide yourself (within certain limits and in consultation with your local store or our technical department).