The specified lengths and widths on this website are 'ordering sizes'.
The actual physical dimensions may differ from here.

These sizes should be considered 'flush sizes':. Eg. a waterbed with ordering size 180x210 cm we consider to be 'suitable for installation in a bed frame of 180x210 cm'.
The actual size is circa 3 cm smaller in length and width , which we consider to be equivalent to the inside dimensions of a bed frame.

The ordering sizes of our water mattresses are also based on 'fit for a bed of ***x*** cm'. Due to the presence of the soft foam edges the actual size of the mattress is smaller.

What dimensions should I provide?

  • I want a free standing bed: order the desired size: for example 180x210 cm. The actual size will be circa 3cm smaller.
  • I want to install the bed in an existing bed frame: the above 3 cm is not sufficient for all bed frames. To be sure, provide the exact inside dimensions of the bed frame. The vendor can help you with this. We adjust the size of the waterbed so it fits perfectly, at no extra cost. Is also very important that you supply the upper height of the sides. We adjust the height of the socle so that the bottom of the top foam rail sits just below the top of the sides. It is then easy to tuck in the sheets.
  • I need a part for my existing waterbed from your make: provide the original order size. Better yet is to provide the original order number which can be found on the warranty card or the mattress tag (around the filler cap). We can easily retrieve the sizes of all components then.
  • I need a part for a waterbed of another brand: supply the brand and the dimensions you have, be it the size of the bed or the exact size of the component. It is best to contact one of our dealers or our sales department through our contact form.